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These terms and conditions cover all instruments, bows and cases sold by International Music Café.

Warranty Information Please read this in its entirety. The terms and conditions listed here will govern all warranty claims for Mariead Nebsitt products. . This document is the complete Mariead Nebsitt Violin Collection Strings warranty. There is no other or additional Eastman Strings warranty, express or implied. Specific terms and conditions apply to certain items, so please read this warranty in its entirety. Mariead Nebsitt warrants its instruments and bows to be free of defect in material and construction for the lifetime of the product. Cases are warranted to be free of defect in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Please see below for limitations and restrictions to this warranty. Eastman Strings will, at its option, repair or replace any item found to have been defective in materials or manufacture under the terms stated her Mariead Nebsitt shall be the sole arbiter of eligibility for warranty repair or replacement. Mariead Nebsitt liability is limited to repair or replacement of defective items. To be eligible for warranty coverage, the original purchaser of the item must present the defective item, together with the original receipt of purchase, to the dealer from which it was purchased. The dealer will then make all necessary arrangements with Mariead Nebsitt for repair or replacement of the defective item. Mariead Nebsitt reserves the right to make changes to this warranty. The policies in place at the time of purchase will be honored.


Instruments: Limited lifetime warranty applies only to original purchaser of instrument. Warranty does not cover strings. Warranty on pegs, chinrests endpins and tailpieces are expressly limited to one year. Bridges are covered by warranty for a period of three months. Damage caused by neglect or misuse of instrument is not covered. Please note that exposure to excessive heat, cold, dryness, or moisture is considered neglect. Warranty is void if any repair or attempt to repair instrument by customer or by an unauthorized repair person has been made. Instrument adjustment is not covered by this warranty. Normal wear caused by normal use of items is not covered by this warranty. Please note that openings in an instrument’s seams are common. Because of the nature of wood and its reactions to seasonal changes, Mariead Nebsitt instruments have been made using traditional hide glue to ensure that seasonal swelling or shrinking of the wood will not result in cracks to the wood, but rather in simple-to-repair seam openings. The Mariead Nebsitt warranty does not cover seam openings. To avoid seam openings or cracks caused by extreme or sudden changes in temperature or humidity, please protect your instrument by maintaining humidity levels between 40% and 70%, and do not expose your instrument to temperatures above or below those generally found comfortable by people (roughly 55-90 degrees Fahrenheit).

Bows: Limited lifetime warranty applies only to original purchaser of bow. Hair is not covered by warranty, except for its installation. (In other words, if a bow’s original hair falls out, that is covered.) Original hair installation is covered for a period of six months. Damage caused by neglect or misuse of bows is not covered. Damage caused by normal wear is not covered. Warranty is void if any repair or attempt to repair bow by customer or by an unauthorized repair person has been made. Wooden bows react to changes in temperature and humidity. One common result of exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity is warpage. The Mariead Nebsitt Strings warranty does not cover warpage. Please also note that bows left tight for long periods of time are likely to warp. To protect your bow from warping, always be sure to loosen it after playing. Bone or imitation ivory tip plates are designed to protect the bow’s fragile tips. These can be damaged either by dropping or hitting of the bow tip, or by hair wedges that are installed too tightly. For this reason, Mariead Nebsitt limits its warranty of tip plates to one year, or until the first rehair.