Máiréad “Matthias Albani” Viennese Elite Violin

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The Máiréad “Matthias Albani” Viennese Elite Violin model is the newest addition and the finest professional quality instrument in the Máiréad Nesbitt Celtic Violin Collection.

Designed by the Kolstein Violin shop in New York, and made in their affiliate European shop, this is a fine copy of the Matthias Albani Violin owned and performed on by Emmy- and Grammy-nominated internationally acclaimed violinist, Máiréad Nesbitt of Celtic Woman, Lord of the Dance, and Rocktopia on Broadway fame.

Exacting detail has been adhered to by the Kolstein affiliate shop to create a most impressive Albani Viennese Violin model in an authentic, highly antiqued finish and pricing that is fully endorsed by Máiréad Nesbitt.

Violin Description:

  • Top table is two-piece sectional plate fine vertical grained spruce.
  • Back table is two-piece plate of modified flamed maple.
  • Ribs are of matching character maple to that of the back table.
  • Original neck and scroll of figured maple.
  • Varnish is an authentic highly antiqued finish with amber hues.

Tonal Qualities:

Wonderful deep tonal quality. Excellent projection.


  • Overall body length: 357 mm.
  • Width at the upper bout: 162 mm.
  • Width at the center bout: 115 mm.
  • Width at the lower bout: 197 mm.

NOTE: Shipping cost is for the Continental US only – for international orders, please contact us.

Set up and accessories include Wittner pegs, Peter Infeld or Dominant Strings from Thomastik -Infeld, Vienna, Kolstein rosin, an Aubert or Despeau bridge, a custom Máiréad Nesbitt Model #800 Elite Braided Carbon Fiber Violin Bow, and a custom Máiréad Nesbitt Celtic Violin Collection case from Jakob Winter, Germany. This violin can be electrified as an addition upon request.

“I had the absolute pleasure of playing this fine instrument, the Máiréad “Matthias Albani” Viennese Elite Violin model, on different high-profile stages, including Rocktopia on Broadway and on Fleadh TV in Ireland, going live worldwide. I noticed immediately the ease of this beautiful instrument, enabling me to play different styles, from Celtic to rock to classical, in comfort and confidence.

It is a luxury to own this beautiful replica of my beloved Matthias Albani violin for use in circumstances that may be too extreme for the original. This is a huge bonus for me, and for other professional violinists who often have their priceless violins out in extreme conditions. To have a spare violin of unique professional quality alongside my own violin on stage, whether indoors or outdoors, affords me peace of mind no matter what happens! I absolutely love playing my Máiréad ‘Matthias Albani’ Viennese Elite Violin model with its deep tonal quality and projection. It is a perfect companion!” – Máiréad Nesbitt


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