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Máiréad Nesbitt’s Celtic Violin Collection!

October 16th, 2017

Máiréad Nesbitt is proud to debut her newest collection of beautiful and hand-crafted violins. Full of beautiful tones and stunning sounds, the five different instruments in the collection are designed for even the most advanced of violinists. In this blog, we’ll discuss the incredible qualities of these violins and how to choose the best instrument for yourself. Please contact us if you have any questions about how to order your violin, and don’t forget to check out Hibernia, Máiréad’s newest solo album! You can purchase Hibernia on iTunes or Amazon today and immerse yourself in the beautiful melodies of both Irish and Classical music.

Mairead Nesbitt Celtic Violin Collection Butterfly ModelThe Butterfly Model

The perfect violin for the beginner, the Butterfly instrument is handcrafted in Romania by expert violin makers. Ideal for students and those who have recently begun their dedication to the craft, this reddish-brown instrument is crafted of European spruce for the top piece and gorgeous European maple on the sides and back. The instrument is outfitted with a German-made Wittner Ultra tailpiece and an Aubert bridge. Using only the best available pieces and accessories for this incredible instrument, Máiréad has chosen nylon core Thomastik Alphayue strings for this particular violin. These strings are designed to maintain their tune, so students won’t be tasked with tuning their violin every time it’s picked up for practice or for a lesson. Along with these accessories, this violin also comes with a durable violin-shaped case that is perfect to transport your instrument to school, violin lessons, ororchestra rehearsal. Máiréad also has included a fiberglass bow, Kolstein rosin, a Kun violin shoulder rest and a Tourte violin mute. Whether you’re purchasing this violin for a family member or yourself, you can be sure that the Butterfly model is perfect for the committed violin student.

Mairead Nesbitt Celtic Violin Collection Invasion ModelThe Invasion Model

The Invasion Model is the ideal step up from the Butterfly instrument. Perfect for all types and levels of students, this instrument is also handcrafted in Romania and is varnished in a showstopping golden brown antique finish. Crafted of both European maple and spruce, the body of this instrument is created to last and bring a rich, vibrant, and stunning tone to any piece of music. An Aubert Mirecourt bridge and a German-made Wittner Ultra tailpiece add to the quality of the violin, along with the ebony fittings. For this instrument, Máiréad chose Thomastik Dominant strings, which are known worldwide by violinists as the apex of lasting and rich sound quality. When you purchase this violin, you’ll also receive a protective and strong rectangular case with four bow holders and a hygrometer. If you’re unsure of why your instrument requires a hygrometer, it’s important to monitor the moisture content of the environment and air your violin is surrounded by. If the air is too damp, it could harm the glue and adhesive that holds the pieces together, but if there is no humidity in the air, it could also cause your bow hair to disintegrate or your violin to pop its strings. A carbon fiber bow that will perfectly compliment this style of instrument, Kolstein bow rosin, a Kun shoulder rest, and a Tourte violin mute are also included.

The Raining Up Model

Named after Máiréad’s first album, the Raining Up model is an incredible choice for every level of violinist. Full of beautiful, luscious tones, this instrument is handcrafted in Prague by a master craftsman. This violin is made of carved European flamed maple and beautiful European spruce, which will help the instrument to ring with inflection and resonance. Like the other models in Máiréad’s collection, this violin is only outfitted with the best seasoned ebony fittings and tailpiece. The e-adjuster is made by Wittner and the bridge is a seasoned Aubert Mirecourt creation that fits this instrument particularly well. This violin also is outfitted with Thomastik Dominant strings, which are made in Vienna, Austria, and are personally used by Máiréad. Along with this incredible instrument, you’ll receive a rectangular case that features suspension, four bow holders, and a hygrometer. To complement and bring the most sound out of this violin, you’ll also receive a Brazilwood bow that’s ideal for this type of instrument. On top of everything, the Raining Up model also comes with Kolstein bow rosin, a Kun shoulder rest, and a Tourte violin mute. For a rich, deep, and ethereal sound, this instrument is the perfect choice for you.

The Celtic Dawn Model

Created for the advanced violinist, this model was designed with a master musician in mind. The Celtic Dawn model is the most similar to Máiréad’s personal instrument that she has played for most of her professional career. Carved and designed by expert luthiers in Prague, this violin is hand-rubbed with an antique oil varnish, giving it a marvelous sheen and drawing out the natural beauty of the wood. The wood is a seasoned European spruce on the top of the instrument and an impeccable European flamed maple used for the back and sides. Assembled with superb ebony fittings, a Wittner E-string adjuster, and an artist Aubert maple bridge, this instrument was made to sing. The violin features Thomastik Peter Infield strings, which are a step up from the Thomastik Dominant strings and bring depth and intensity of sound under the experienced fingers of an advanced violinist. The Celtic Dawn model will arrive with an oblong shell violin case that features four bow holders, a German-crafted Dofler bow, Kolstein bow rosin, a Kun shoulder rest, and a Tourte violin mute. This instrument is the perfect choice to take a master violinist’s art and technique to the next level.

Hibernia Model

This instrument is the apex of Máiréad Nesbitt’s Celtic Violin Collection and is an absolute showstopper. Named after Máiréad’s newest solo album, the Hibernia Model is full of life and beauty, which makes it an incredible instrument for the dedicated and professional violinist. Created in one of the best and most well-known violin shops in Prague, this instrument is rubbed and buffed with an Old-World antique wood varnish, making this instrument just as enjoyable to look at as well as listen to and enjoy. This amazing instrument is crafted of highly seasoned European spruce and maple and fitted with an expertly carved scroll and fingerboard. Along with the seasoned ebony fittings, the Hibernia model is also assembled with a German-made Wittner E-string adjuster and a beautifully seasoned Aubert maple bridge. When you receive your instrument, you’ll notice it’s also outfitted with astonishing Thomastik Peter Infield strings, which feature a wide dynamic range, along with endurance and a dazzlingly brilliant response. On top of this incredible instrument, you’ll also receive a Dofler Brazilwood bow, Kolstein bow rosin, a Kun shoulder rest, a Tourte violin mute, and a rectangular wood shell case with four bow holders. If you’re searching for a instrument that will be a constant in your professional violin career, then the Hibernia model is the perfect violin for you.

Máiréad Nesbitt’s Celtic Violin Collection is an incredible offering of exquisite handcrafted instruments that are made for violinists dedicated to their craft and their technique. Pioneering both Classical and Irish techniques and music herself, Máiréad Nesbitt is continuously creating incredible music in both composition and performance. If you have been a fan of Máiréad’s for years and are a violinist yourself, check out her new Celtic Violin Collection and her newest album, Hibernia, available on iTunes and Amazon today!