SOLSTICE by Máiréad Nesbitt

October 31st, 2019

Solstice by Máiréad NesbittSOLSTICE is a carefully curated collection by the Grammy- and Emmy-nominated musician and composer Máiréad Nesbitt.

This collection encapsulates the earthy, natural and vibrant colors of Ireland while capturing the magical glow of the Solstice sun through the chamber of the prehistoric monument of Newgrange
on The Hill of Tara in Ireland.

Handcrafted in the USA with exquisite detail, each piece features artisan finishes, crystals from SWAROVSKI® and precious metal plating with a durable eco-coating for lasting wear.

The SOLSTICE collection will bring you on a journey through nature, the mortal realm and the magical Otherworld of Irish myth with every exquisite handcrafted piece.

Come on that journey with me!


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