1. The Best Places in Ireland for Traditional Music

    If you’re an aspiring Celtic violinist, or you simply want to listen to some traditional Irish music, then there’s no better place to be than Ireland. Grammy- and Emmy-nominated artist and composer Mairead Nesbitt was born in Loughmoe, which is in County Tipperary in the southern and central regions of the Emerald Isle. While Mairead got her start playing music with her family in Tipperary, th…Read More

  2. Discover True Irish Tradition with the Devil’s Bit Sessions

    Mairead Nesbitt has made her name known around the world as a violinist with Celtic Woman and now Rocktopia!, and as with any musician, she has her specific influences and origins. For Mairead, those influences came from her family, and those family traditions are featured on the new album “Devil’s Bit Sessions.” The title is derived from a local legend about the devil flying over Devil’s …Read More

  3. Important Exercises for Violinists

    If you’re a dedicated violinist, it’s important for your craft and your body to take excellent care of your muscles. Hours spent practicing and playing can wreak havoc on your body, and you need strength and control to play difficult runs and pizzicato. In this blog, we’ll discuss some easy ways and exercises for you to take care of your body. If you’re searching for new inspiration, check…Read More

  4. Four Practice Habits of Successful Violinists

    Violinists must be dedicated to their art and devote many hours to practicing scales, exercises, and pieces of challenging music. While practice can be fun and rewarding, it can also be difficult and require dedication and willingness to work hard. In this blog, we’ll discuss four essential practice habits to master the violin and all its elements. One of the greatest violinists of her time, Má…Read More

  5. Violin Issues 101

    When you encounter a problem with your violin, it can be truly frustrating, especially if you’re a professional violinist and your instrument is your livelihood. Some violin issues can be fixed easily on your own, while others require an experienced luthier’s touch. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to fix a few problems on your own and when to take your instrument to be repaired by a professi…Read More

  6. A Guide to Beginner Violin: Part 2

    In our last blog, we discussed the important elements that are needed when an individual decides to begin the process of mastering the violin. While you only need an instrument, there are some other pieces that you can purchase to enhance your musical education. For the perfect treat after you complete your practice session or weekly lesson, listen to Máiréad Nesbitt’s newest solo album releas…Read More

  7. A Guide to Beginner Violin

    A gorgeous instrument, the violin has been around for centuries and continues to be one of the most beguiling of classical instruments. Whether you’re five or 85, learning how to play the violin is a dream for many. In this blog, we’ll discuss the important elements that you will need to begin your musical education. For nearly a decade, Máiréad Nesbitt has inspired thousands of devoted fans…Read More

  8. Máiréad Nesbitt and Rocktopia!

    Do you love the beautiful melodies of classical music, but also are partial to the intense themes of rock songs? If you’re searching for a perfect hybrid of the two polar-opposite genres, then Rocktopia is the perfect experience for you! An entire performance filled with rock ballads and anthems that are known worldwide with well-known classical melodies. Drawing inspiration from the first rocks…Read More

  9. Máiréad Nesbitt’s Celtic Violin Collection!

    Máiréad Nesbitt is proud to debut her newest collection of beautiful and hand-crafted violins. Full of beautiful tones and stunning sounds, the five different instruments in the collection are designed for even the most advanced of violinists. In this blog, we’ll discuss the incredible qualities of these violins and how to choose the best instrument for yourself. Please contact us if you have …Read More

  10. The History of the Violin: Part Three

    In our previous blogs (read part one and part two at the links) we started covering the history of the violin by tracking it from its origins in Italy in the early 16th Century, through its refinement over the next several hundred years, and began talking about how it spread from Italy to the rest of Europe. Today we will talk about the widespread proliferation of the violin throughout Europe an…Read More