Mairead Nesbitt

  1. The History of the Violin: Part Three

    In our previous blogs (read part one and part two at the links) we started covering the history of the violin by tracking it from its origins in Italy in the early 16th Century, through its refinement over the next several hundred years, and began talking about how it spread from Italy to the rest of Europe. Today we will talk about the widespread proliferation of the violin throughout Europe a…Read More

  2. History of the Violin: Part Two in a Series

    In our first entry tracing the history and development of the violin, we covered the violin’s emergence during the European Renaissance sometime in the late 1400s or early 1500s. While its exact origins are slightly obscured, by the middle of the 16th Century, the violin took roughly the same shape that it has now. In today’s blog entry, we will cover the refinement of the instrument and its …Read More

  3. The History of the Violin: Part One

    When you listen to the sound of Mairead Nesbitt’s violin as it gently swells or cries out plaintively, chances are that you also feel something deep within your heart and your brain. The violin, especially when played by a master violinist like Mairead, has a power and presence to touch us in a way that very few instruments have. Today, we’ll be talking a bit about the history of the violin a…Read More