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Steeped in the traditions of both Classical music and Irish folk music, Máiréad brings the seemingly irreconcilable worlds of the Celts and the Classics together to create an exhilarating album of the music and tunes of Éire. HIBERNIA, the Classical name for Ireland, features beautiful slow airs, vocals, lively dance tunes, and ferocious, fast-paced reels all anchored by Máiréad’s stunning violin performances. The album features orchestral suites of all original music by Máiréad herself, along with Colm Ó Foghlú and Liam Bates.

The album was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios and Soundscape Studio in Ireland by Brian Masterson. The album features the Orchestra of Ireland and special guests Karl Nesbitt, Mick O’Brien, Kathleen and John Nesbitt, Seán Nesbitt, Noel Eccles, Nick Bailey, leader Kenneth Rice, vocal guest Nathan Pacheco, foot percussion by Gráinne Uí Chaomhánaigh, Áine Cody, Bernie Sullivan, and Coleman Lydon, and was conducted by Liam Bates.

”Hibernia, for me, has been an incredible experience working with incredible people. I’m so excited to share this with you, and stay tuned for Hibernia live performances in 2017-2018.” –Máiréad

‘’I have to tip my hat-or rather my metaphorical bow- to Máiréad Nesbitt. Hibernia proved itself a great accomplishment in both Classical and Celtic genres. It used the image of Hibernia to promote a musical legacy with integrity and energized re-vision.’’ –The Irish Echo.

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Mairead Nesbitt's new album, Hibernia, is a mix of classical and Celtic violin music.